AMA is the 19-year-old singer from West London that wants to give you something real. Following her debut single, "Monochrome," and follow-up, "Slip," the vibey newcomer is keeping it 100 on her latest drop, "Real."

The dark new video, directed by Will Reid, sees the young singer looking dead-on and exploding with emotion. "I wrote 'Real' a few months into a new relationship," AMA says. "To me, it's about wanting to be there for the other person and offer whatever you can to help with what they're going through and struggling with, but they still haven't quite put their guard down or fully opened to you."

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Singing over a moody bass with glitchy dissonance, AMA offers it all up saying, "So tell me how you feel, no lie/ Give me a minute, yeah I'm on my way to you/ Tell me where and I'll be there in two." With unflinching certainty, she begs her lover to loosen up: "Get up outside of your head/ Oh would you let me, let me inside of your head."

Get into the "Real" video and meet AMA, below.

Photo courtesy of Helena Lachowicz

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