Bebe Rexha is standing up to body-shaming trolls — and, obviously, her friend Demi Lovato has her back.

Yesterday, Rexha posted a gorgeous photo of herself performing on Instagram alongside the caption, "unapologetically me." Unfortunately though, it didn't take long for the comments to fill up with nasty comments about her weight — with some even so far as to call her "tubby," per People.

That said, Rexha — who's spoken about being body-shamed before — wasn't having any of the negativity and fired back at her critics via Twitter, writing, "To all the people tweeting mean things to me about my weight you just want a response and you will not get it."

"I don't give a two shits about what people think about my weight," she added in another tweet. "I care about what I think about my weight." Rexha then went on to say that, "the hate you breed that stems from insecurity don't look pretty on you."

Lovato then showed her support for Rexha's outspokenness by commenting on her original Instagram post and calling her "an inspiration."

"You are GORGEOUS, strong, authentic and an inspiration to me and so many," she wrote. "Thank you for being you you BEAUTIFUL, beautiful woman. I love you." Aww.

Photo via Getty

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